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Wongan Hills 1
Campsite at Wongan Hills. First camp after Caversham. Spider Orchids (next photo) near side of post and rail fence.
Wongan Hills 2
Spider Orchids near camp at Wongan Hills.
Asher on bench Ballidu
Resting on a walk trail at Ballidu.
Mingenew scene
Scene at Mingenew. Conola crops in the background.
Marchagee scene
Marchagee rest place. Midway Perth to Gerladton on the MIdlands Road but not a significant road stop now since the more direct Brand Highway in 1975. Marchagee railway siding and grain terminal in the background.
flowers Coorow
Flowers spotted at a rest point (Alexander MorrisonNational Park) between Coorow and Green Head. I think it may be a variety of wreath flower.
Turquoise Coast Green Head
Turquoise Coast. Green Head: the northern part of Jurien Bay Marine Park (Wedge Island to Green Head).
Flowers Yalgoo
London Bridge Sandstone
"London Bridge", Sandstone.
Peter Denny Lookout Sandstone
View froom Peter Denny Lookout near Sandstone.
Metal figure Lake Ballard
Lake Ballard: Inside Australia. One of 51 metal figures sculptures by Antony Gormley from scans of 51 "Insiders": people of Menzies.
Ora Banda
Ora Banda. There is still some mining happening roundabout but largely a relic town now. A Gypsie Joker bikie (William [Billy] Greirson) was murdered here in 2000 near the now burnt down Ora Banda Inn.
Sandstone 1
Vodien Security Certificate

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